Friday, 07-30-2021 | 2:12PM GMT+7
    Joining hands with Quy Nhon City in particular and Binh Dinh Province in general in terms of Covid-19 prevention, Seagull Hotel will cooperate with the local authorities to accommodate people from the infected areas in accordance with the Official Dispatch No.2203 of People’s Committee of Quy Nhon City on July 29, 2021.


   The participation of Seagull Hotel in making accommodation for people from the infected areas will relieve pressure for quarantine zones, hospitals, as well as contribute to the well-being of people returning from epidemic areas.

   Particularly, Seagull Hotel will offer the most “supportive” prices for visitors with the spirit of “The leaves protect tattered ones” to relieve them from concern of costs. Accordingly, the Hotel cuts down 50% of original price and only charges customers fees of beverages, laundry…


   Mr. Le Thanh Sang – Director of Seagull Hotel made his statement: “Our hotel has prepared the human & equipment resources, a thorough plan in cooperation with the People’s Committee of Nguyen Van Cu Ward to accommodate people from epidemic areas, and strictly follows regulations on safety and Covid-19 prevention. As a business and a tourist accommodation unit of Quy Nhon City, Seagull Hotel is always supportive of local policies on social-economic development and eager to participate in the epidemic prevention. This is the chance for our Hotel to make cooperate social responsibility and contribute to the national efforts to combat epidemics.”

Nhân viên Khách sạn Hải Âu sát khuẩn, đo thân nhiệt, khai báo y tế khi làm việc
The Seagull Hotel staff strictly follow regulations on Covid-19 prevention
   Hai Au Hotel is a four-star hotel owned entirely by 47 Construction Joint Stock Company. Seagull Hotel is known as the new symbol of the coastal city and is located in the heart of the dynamic city, adjacent to the beautiful Quy Nhon coast. The hotel is designed in a European style, with 11 floors and 170 luxurious rooms with private balconies overlooking the sea, all of which are fully equipped with modern and high-class amenities.
Khach san Hai Au - Seagull Hotel chung tay chong dich Covid

People arriving in Quy Nhon from epidemic areas who wish to stay at the Seagull Hotel can actively contact the hotel to register.


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