Tuesday, 06-29-2021 | 9:46AM GMT+7

Step 1: Access Google Play (for devices running the Android operating system) and App store (for devices running IOS operating system). Type the word “Bluezone” in the searching area. Press the word “Open” for downloading the app.

Step 2: Input your phone number for identification then press “Continue”.
Step 3: Open the app in your Home screen, Bluezone will send you a notification to open Bluetooth, press OK.
Step 4: Continue and choose “Check nearby users”
Step 5: After a few seconds, If you have been in close contact with the Covid-19 infected patients, or their F1, F2 with Bluezone application then the app will inform you to get the proper quarantine solutions in order to prevent community outbreak.
Note: The number in the blue box are users with the Bluezone application nearby, not infected or suspected cases. The number of people nearby is calculated when 2 Bluezone users are next to each other within less than 2 meters.


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