Tuesday, 08-04-2020 | 10:19AM GMT+7

  The Prime Minister suggested that all people install the Bluezone application on their smartphones to track Covid-19 and protect themselves and their family.

   Bluezone is the application to quickly track people at risk of Covid-19 infection, and warn if the user has close contact with someone infected with corona virus. This application is for smartphones running iOS and Android.

   Many people have received messages from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications, suggesting to install Bluezone applications on smartphones since the end of July. On social networks, many groups and influencers also encourages and urges everyone to download this app. The number of downloads on iOS and Android has skyrocketed in the past week.  


   According to statistics from the Department of Informatics, as of August 2, there were 1,851,827 Bluezone downloads, an increase of more than 1.6 million downloads compared to 2 weeks ago. Bluezone is also the most downloaded app on both App Store and CH Play stores in Vietnam.

   Bluezone exploits low-energy Bluetooth location technology, similar to technology that Apple and Google jointly developed in April. Smartphones installed with this application will exchange signals with each other within a distance of two meters and save a contact log, regardless of Android phone or iPhone. When a new Covid-19 infection is detected, the patient"s contact history will be sent to the smartphone for comparison. If there is a match, the user will receive an alert about the risk of infection.


   Every 15 minutes, the user"s Bluezone number is automatically changed for privacy. Therefore, 2 people who have Bluezone installed together for 15 minutes will be counted as one contact. However, if you don"t see any warnings from the app, you can assume that the people you come into contact with are not nCovi infected.
   According to experts, these applications only work efficiently if installed on a large scale. One research team once estimated that installments must be at 60% of the mature population for optimal quarantine effects.


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