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   According to Hostelword - a reputable US hotel booking and travel news platform with 21 years of operation, rankings are based on the brand data, Quy Nhon is the most surprising place in the list of the 20 best destinations in 2020.


The charm of Quy Nhon. Photo: Hữu Khoa


   "Most of the holidays in the tropical sea follow a formula with English letters starting with S, Sun, Sand and Sea. However, Quy Nhon of Vietnam features with an additional important S - Serenity", Thailand's Bangkok Post newspaper emphasized in a report published on May 9, 2019.


Phuong Mai Wind Farm. Photo: Ngọc Thành.


   Phuong Mai wind blower field with 6 turbine pillars stretching over an area of 122 hectares, covered with large white sand. In the afternoon, light will make you feel like getting lost in the West of America. Runners participating in the 42 km distance of VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020 can see the giant wind turbines from afar.


Phuong Mai Sand Hill. Photo: Kiều Dương.


  Coming to Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh, visitors can explore Phuong Mai sand hill. This is considered one of the tallest and most beautiful sand hills in the Central region, regularly mentioned with sand hills in Mui Ne (Binh Thuan), Quang Phu (Quang Binh), Nam Cuong (Ninh Thuan) ...


The marvelous scene of Eo Gio (Wind Curve). Photo: Ngọc Thành


   If you want to watch the dawn in the morning, Eo Gio is a place you cannot miss. Eo Gio is the tip of a mountain strip along the sea, like a natural shield that helps this place receive strong winds and strong waves from the sea creating white foam waves.



The photo is in the photo series "The view of Binh Dinh countryside seen from above" by photographer Nguyen Tien Trinh.




The beauty of ripe rice fields in the photo series "View of the countryside from Binh Dinh from above"

by photographer Nguyen Tien Trinh.


  If you visit Binh Dinh on July and August, visitors will also have the opportunity to see the ripe rice fields full of seeds.


The photo is in the photo series "Back to Binh Dinh to see the Cham Tower, watch the martial arts"

by photographer Nguyen Phuoc Hoai (Quy Nhon).


  Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh also has a variety of cultural and artistic treasures. One of them is traditional martial arts which is famous throughout Vietnam. In the picture shows the female student’s performance of marital arts.


Chao long is a speciality of Binh Dinh Province. Photo: Khánh Trần. 



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