Fermented pork rolls of Cho Huyen (district market)

   If you happen to come to Vinh Thanh, my native place, you’ll enjoy tasting the “nem cho Huyen” and watch drama night. The Vinh Thanh village, Phuoc Loc Commune, Tuy Phuoc District (it’s was formerly the district town) is famous for not only the classical drama of Dao Tan, but also for the “nem cho Huyen” (fermented pork rolls of the District Market) 


   This food is the quintessence of the province’s culinary science, a great “food special” of the rolls is that the pork used to be fermented must be the lean meat of a local pig. The roll is taken with lettuce and spicy herbs and dipped into some fish sauce or soy sauce. Travelers passing by Binh Dinh always buy some dozens of rolls to eat or give friends.

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